Voice-engagement research tool and self contained podcast solution.

Approaches from academics and researchers in the United States and NZ have resulted in the development of our newest platform, Consult.  

Consult contains 15 channels with Android and iOS apps customisable to your brand plus your own dedicated Content Management System (CMS).  Consult is not limited to researchers. If you want to engage people or build a community around your own branded mobile platform then it will be useful.

We can provide all the usual app bells and whistles, but stand apart from the others because we put engagement at the heart of the app's purpose, with our unique voice-text recording studio interface.

Your own branded mobile platform

Apps have many advantages over mobile-enhanced web sites, but can be budget-busting propositions.

We were born from a non-profit and have not only achieved a useful and unique communications tool, but one that is widely affordable. 

Consult Includes:

  • Enables studio quality recordings
  • Voice-text transcription*
  • Unlimited recording time

*Voice-text transcripts are currently available for the first 30 seconds of speech, to 96 percent accuracy.  A full transcript product will be available in September, 2021.

A custom Content Management System (CMS), digital manual, and full support, Consult is available as either: 

  • Branded iOs and android apps, available for free download
  • A branded channel, within the Consult app

Consult applications:

Voice-led consultation

Consult is designed for academic and market researchers, whether it be to conduct, organize and transcribe field interviews, for research subjects to use for audio diaries or to simply include people who cannot easily use a text interface in your research. 

Consult also offers the opportunity to present your content and marketing messages in a mobile space under your brand.

More Inclusive Public Consultation

You could be a council or government organization looking to make it easier for people who cannot easily use a text interface to contribute to consultations.

Client or Customer Feedback

You may be a museum who wants to collect and publish audio and text comments about exhibits by sticking a tablet on the wall with the consult push button record interface.

Community Building

You could have a community newsletter looking to go digital and engage your audience more.

Citizen Science

You may be an environmental organization wanting people to report pollution in rivers.   

Oral Histories

Family members can use it to collect and publish oral history content under your own branded family history app.

Get in touch

For more informationpricing or access to the Consult demo please enter your details below. We are committed to supporting public broadcasting globally. Not for profit rates are available.

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