VoxPop was designed as a cost effective means for radio stations, shows and podcast to directly engage with listeners and build their own unique audience community, solving a few significant problems along the way.  

We are passionate supporters of public broadcasting and the craft of radio.  Discounts are available to public broadcasters and we offer commercial broadcasters the opportunity to make the costs of VoxPop neutral through sponsorship opportunities. 

VoxPop was conceived by Peter Fowler and implemented by Andrew McMillan with support from Radio New Zealand.

Peter Fowler

Co-Founder - Linked In - Twitter

Peter is a multiple award winning investigative journalist and media entrepreneur.  He is described as a "digital pioneer" having founded New Zealand's first Internet news service newsroom.co.nz in 1996, which he sold to NZX in 2007.  Listen here to an interview with Jesse Mulligan about where the idea for VoxPop came from. His vision is to connect public broadcasters and their audiences worldwide with a voice-driven social media platform that promotes the standards and ethics of public radio.

Andrew McMillan

Co-Founder - Linked In - Twitter

Andrew has been designing and writing software, and leading people designing and writing software, since the early 1980s.  Since the mid 1990s he has focused particularly on using and enhancing free open source software. Andrew is currently Head of Technology at Hub Controls, a Dublin based startup. He was a founder of Wellington IT company Catalyst IT and has worked at Google.