Featured Clients:

Science Friday with Ira Flatow

Science Friday is a weekly call-in radio show that broadcasts each Friday in the U.S. on nearly 400 public radio stations and via podcast hosted by award-winning science journalist Ira Flatow. 

Covering the outer reaches of space to the tiniest microbes in our bodies, Science Friday is the source for entertaining and educational news about science, tech, and other cool stuff.

SciFri VoxPop provides a direct line to the production team, and lets the audience contribute their voice to upcoming stories.  For example, how is your county, city, or neighborhood responding to climate change? Your comments or questions might be featured on the national radio broadcast and podcast. 

Download the Android version here and iOS here.  

1A with Joshua Johnson

Produced at WAMU studios in Washington D.C., 1A is carried by 330 stations on the NPR network and is heard by 3.6 million people weekly. You can send comments directly to the show via 1A VoxPop and get notifications about upcoming topics.

1A notes the VoxPop recordings sound much clearer than a phone call, and sending them takes less time than dialing their number and leaving a voicemail. Producers save time reviewing contributions by scrolling through voice-text transcripts.  Here's an example of how it sounds like the audience is in the studio, in an episode on Lyme Disease.

“This one [VoxPop] has proven to be especially popular with young people, who , as many of us know, don’t make phone calls.”

Re-Imagining the Public Radio Talk Show, CPB, Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Radio New Zealand

RNZ is our partner and provided the original testing ground for the platform with RNZ VoxPop.  Shows such as Sunday Morning with Jim Mora are demonstrating how VoxPop can free up studio and staff time. Sunday Morning runs a popular segment called “3 Minutes Max” where members of the community discuss issues important to them.   Logistically it was difficult.  Studio time would have to be booked etc. They now use RNZ VoxPop to gather in this audio in production quality, all organised in one place for them to review.  In essence, the studio goes to the audience. See How it works for more examples of how RNZ has been using the platform.

MSC Newswire

MSC Newswire founder Max Farndale saw much potential in VoxPop, and was using it to connect with "voices from the factory floor" in a service that focused on the manufacturing sector.  Among other uses, MSC VoxPop produced a pilot podcast for baby boomers which was recorded entirely using the VoxPop Platform.  Sadly Max Farndale passed away in 2018.