Introducing 'Q&A'

Kinga VoxPop Ltd’s latest platform offers the opportunity to host unique voice-driven Q&A or Ask Me Anything (AMA) events. The Q&A’s can also be edited together later into a podcast.

Our unique Q&A platform allows guests and the audience to interact using speech.
It is a moderated environment, opening exciting new content options for media, corporates and special interest groups. Q&A’s are popular with media outlets - whether with a Covid 19 expert, rock star or gardening expert - but are done in a text environment.  The Q&A is limited to how quickly and long the guest can type non-stop. Q&A VoxPop changes this. And it is so simple to use.

Q&A VoxPop is a white label product and the iOS and Android apps can be customized to your brand.  Features from our other apps are also available in the Q&A platform, such as a content wire for text, pictures, audio and video.  

 Features include:
- Voice-text engagement solution
- Built in sound recording interface with production quality audio.
- Near instant Voice-Text transcripts of the first 30 seconds to 96 percent accuracy.  Talk to us about longer transcripts.
- Audio content creation sandpit - create Q&A podcasts
- Content wire where you can publish text, pictures, audio and You Tube videos.
- App store presence
- Unlimited recording time

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For more information, pricing, or a demonstration please enter your details below. We are committed to supporting public broadcasting globally. Not for profit rates are available.

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