VoxPop Studio

VoxPop Studio is a solution where you want a platform which contains multiple apps, much like the Consult platform.  

A radio station for example would name and skin the platform with their brand, with individual apps within the app for shows, the newsroom, competitions and other content providers.

VoxPop Studio

Each app (channel) in the VoxPop Studio platform can be customized to a brand. Platforms include up to fifteen iOS and Android apps with a dedicated Content Management System for each. 

A custom Content Management System (CMS), digital manual, and full support, VoxPop Studio is available as either: 

  • Branded iOs and android apps, available to content creators for free download
  • A branded channel, within an existing Studio app

 Features include:
- Complete voice engagement solution
- Built in sound recording interface with production quality audio.
- Near instant Voice-Text transcripts of the first 30 seconds to 96 percent accuracy.  Talk to us about longer transcripts.
- Audio content creation sandpit - Easily and quickly make recordings and then publish them back into the app.
- Content wire where you can publish text, pictures, audio and You Tube videos.
- Upload audio to publish in-app
- Push notifications to mobile devices
- App store presence
- Unlimited recording time

VoxPop Studio Case Study


CAMA Community Access Radio

In late March 2020 New Zealand shut down everything except essential services to fight the Covid 19 virus, and everyone confined themselves to their home “bubble.” New Zealand’s public media funder, NZ On Air, was suddenly and unexpectedly faced with studio closures at the 15 community and Pacific stations it supports nationwide.  

With each of them home to a wide range of people from local communities, studio access restrictions meant a sudden drop-off in content. Community station manager Phil Grey said much of this was for audiences who most needed timely information in their own languages.

NZ On Air funding adviser Nicole Rex was aware of the VoxPop platform and asked if it could also be made into a remote studio for broadcasters. “During Covid-19 it has been important to have them continue their broadcasts in a safe way, especially as they could broadcast important health information in many different languages and keep communities connected during lockdown”, she said.  

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