VoxPop keeps your audience at the heart of your show.

Our radio clients use VoxPop in a variety of ways including:

  • Inviting audience questions for upcoming guests or topics
  • Highlight upcoming segments
  • Gauge audience sentiment on issues 

Or to gather production quality voice recordings on: 

  • Audience experiences
  • Feedback 
  • Ideas for future shows

The uses for VoxPop are essentially only limited to your imagination.

VoxPop is voice-driven community engagement, customized to your brand including:

  • Audience submission and remote studio capability, studio quality recordings from anywhere
  • Publish recordings back into the app or upload them
  • Voice-text transcription
  • Unlimited recording time

It includes a custom Content Management System (CMS), digital manual, and full support, VoxPop is available as either: 

  • Branded iOs and android apps, available for free download
  • A branded channel, within an existing Studio app
  • An API, integrated into your existing offering and solutions

Save Time

A1 Voice-Text allows for text transcript review, rather than listening to each recording.

Quality Sound

Audio files captured using the device microphone, making it sound like the audience is in the studio.


Build a community, and a two-way conversation, around your brand.


Put a recording studio in the pocket of your audience

- Build a digital community directly around your brand
- Save producers time and frustration
- Broadcast better on-air product for radio shows and podcasts

Audience Voice Interaction

WAMU's 1A in Washington D.C. uses 1A VoxPop to engage the voices of its audience.  It notes the recordings sound much clearer than a phone call, and sending them takes less time than dialing their number and leaving a voicemail. Producers save time reviewing contributions by scrolling through voice-text transcripts.  Here's an example of how it sounds like the audience is in the studio, in an episode on Lyme Disease.

​Engaging New Content

 In "You hum it, we'll name it", RNZ's Jesse Mulligan and Clarissa Dunn urged listeners to use RNZ VoxPop to hum a classical tune they loved but didn't know the name of, and they would name it for them.  Bryan Crump used it to hold a duck calling competition on RNZ nights. Zoe George used it to take questions from kids for actor Jonathan Groff on his role as the voice of Kristoff in Frozen.

​Safe Way For Audiences To Engage

VoxPop enables a safe moderated environment for your audience to share their experiences of highly personal or contentious subjects without fear of being trolled. RNZ's Bang! Podcast for example used RNZ VoxPop to take questions and comments about sex.

​Podcast Audience Platform

When Radio New Zealand asked William Ray to make a daily podcast about Covid-19, one of the first questions was how to involve the audience safely with everyone in lockdown. Ray and his team realised quickly that the VoxPop app would be ideal to pull in studio-quality questions from the public which could be played in a daily podcast, with an expert answering them.
RNZ’s executive editor podcasts and series Tim Watkin said the platform allowed listeners to share stories of life under lockdown.
“Short snippets of their highs and lows, encouragement and solidarity. And a few personal dramas.  One man told the story of how his wife gave birth to their child the day after New Zealand went into a full lockdown,” he said. 

​​Simplify Recording Logistics

VoxPop takes the recording studio to your audience. RNZ's Sunday Morning runs a popular segment called “3 minutes max” where members of the community discuss issues important to them.   Logistically it was difficult.  Studio time would have to be booked etc. They now use RNZ VoxPop to gather in this audio in production quality, all organised in one place for them to review.  Nights with Karyn Hay used VoxPop for her Booklovers section where authors would record readings that otherwise studio time would have to be booked for.  Geographic location was no longer a problem, with authors globally contributing.

​Your Own Audience Engagement Tool

The VoxPop Platform includes an iOS and Android application customized to your brand, which the audience downloads and uses to directly interact using their voice.  A mobile friendly Content Management System automatically transcribes Voice-Text, making it easy to review contributions and process them for playing on-air. 

VoxPop Case Study


Produced at WAMU studios in Washington D.C., 1A is carried by 330 stations on the NPR network and is heard by 3.6 million people weekly. You can send comments directly to the show via 1A VoxPop and get notifications about upcoming topics.

1A notes the VoxPop recordings sound much clearer than a phone call, and sending them takes less time than dialing their number and leaving a voicemail. Producers save time reviewing contributions by scrolling through voice-text transcripts.  Here's an example of how it sounds like the audience is in the studio, in an episode on Lyme Disease.

Download the iOS version here and Android here.

“Working with VoxPop has deepened our relationship with the people who matter most – our listeners.

Whether they are hearing the show live, on-demand or on a device – folks are one tap away from leaving us a message in studio quality. It has made a huge difference to the sound of the program, an on air reminder that we are ready to meet our audience wherever they are and whenever they choose. We could not be happier with the app and our work with its development team.

From a production point of view, the VoxPop app gives producers an easy interface that saves time and makes call selection a doddle. The app is popular, fun to use and has quickly established itself as a key tool in driving deep audience engagement.”

- Rupert Allman
1A WAMU Founder & Executive Producer

VoxPop Case Study

Science Friday

Science Friday is a weekly call-in radio show that broadcasts each Friday in the U.S. on nearly 400 public radio stations and via podcast hosted by award-winning science journalist Ira Flatow. 
Covering the outer reaches of space to the tiniest microbes in our bodies, Science Friday is the source for entertaining and educational news about science, tech, and other cool stuff.

SciFri VoxPop provides a direct line to the production team, and lets the audience contribute their voice to upcoming stories.  For example, how is your county, city, or neighborhood responding to climate change? Your comments or questions might be featured on the national radio broadcast and podcast. 

Download the Android version here and iOS here. 

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