Studio quality recordings from anyone, anywhere.

Version 3.0 is Live!

We are excited to announce the launch of VoxPop 3.0, with 1A WAMU.

The latest version includes an additional thumb-scroll wire where you can publish a variety of content, including links to web site content and audience audio comments and transcripts, completing the feedback loop. In addition to the fully branded iOS and Android apps, and voice-text Content Management System (CMS).  We can now offer a 'whole app solution', or API, with the unique difference of voice-text engagement with audiences being at its heart.

The 1A apps are live, and available for free download now. You can download the iOS version here and Android here.

VoxPop 3.0 has enabled up to offer faster and cheaper platform development, and we are offering a special rate right now. Please get in touch to find out more.

“Working with VoxPop has deepened our relationship with the people who matter most – our listeners".

Rupert Allman
Founder & Executive Producer, 1A WAMU, Washington DC

VoxPop is voice-driven community engagement, customized to your brand.

Audience Engagement

Put audience voice at the heart of your show.

Some potential ways VoxPop could be used:

  • Invite audience questions on upcoming guests or topics
  • Highlight upcoming segments

Or to gather high quality voice recordings on: 

  • Audience experiences
  • Feedback 
  • Ideas for future shows

VoxPop uses are essentially only limited to your imagination

For our clients it has been a boon for them in these Covid-19 times, with the voices of those at the heart of the pandemic reflected. And all from a safe distance.

Remote Studio

Enable programme makers, journalists and content creators to work from anywhere.

VoxPop Studio is a new solution offering, developed in response to Coronavirus.

It allows for:

  • Longer recordings (unlimited)
  • Studio quality remote studio capability
  • Multi-show/station capable
  • Low cost, high value
  • Audience submission capability

It is currently being used by 14 community stations on the one platform, and the largest Pacific media outlet in New Zealand.  Content creators simply select the station they wish to contribute to. 

Platform Delivery

It is available as an App (both Android and iOs) or API (which can plug into existing platforms). The API offers a simple way for you to leverage existing platforms and their large, connected, audiences. 

We have a track record of delivering custom solutions, including via trial periods. Contact us for pricing and current delivery timeframes.

Basically, if you want to have a general chat we’d be delighted.

Urging listeners to 'Leave a voicemail'?

With VoxPop you'll have no more scratchy phone audio and voice-text transcripts make it easy for producers to review contributions. 
Have a listen for yourself.