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Co-founder and CEO Peter Fowler
Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

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About Kinga VoxPop Limited

VoxPop was incubated in New Zealand’s public broadcaster RNZ and in January 2020, at the very beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the co-founders Peter Fowler and Andrew McMillan separated into the stand-alone company Kinga Voxpop Ltd. 

Peter and Andrew retain 91 percent of shares in Kinga VoxPop Ltd, with two “mum and dad” shareholders holding the difference. We are still a lean startup but are surviving on sales revenue from new business and support from our valued clients. Our corporate values remain the same and follow a public service ethos, developing tools that keep you relevant and engaged with your audience in the ever changing media landscape. 

Meet the team

Peter Fowler

Co-Founder - Linked In - Twitter

Peter is a multiple award winning investigative journalist and media entrepreneur.  He is described as a "digital pioneer" having founded New Zealand's first Internet news service in 1996, which he sold to NZX in 2007.  Listen here to an interview with Jesse Mulligan about where the idea for VoxPop came from. His vision is to connect public broadcasters and their audiences worldwide with a voice-driven social media platform that promotes the standards and ethics of public radio.

Andrew McMillan

Co-Founder - Linked In - Twitter

Andrew has been designing and writing software, and leading people designing and writing software, since the early 1980s.  Since the mid 1990s he has focused particularly on using and enhancing free open source software. Andrew is currently Head of Technology at Hub Controls, a Dublin based startup. He was a founder of Wellington IT company Catalyst IT and has worked at Google.

Glen Scanlon

Principal Advisor- Linked In

Glen has spent the past 15 years working and learning in digital media. He's a former head of news and digital at Radio New Zealand (RNZ), where he led the re-launch of its digital platforms, pioneered its content sharing strategy and created its podcast and long-form journalism teams.

Before that he was editor of, New Zealand's largest news and entertainment website. Glen began his career as a newspaper journalist in 1998 before moving to London and working at The Guardian and CNN. He was named New Zealand's editorial executive of the year in 2017 for his work at RNZ.

Michelle Macaskill

Strategic Advisor- Linked In

Michelle is the Director of Melde, a social impact consultancy that works to elevate the voices of people across Aotearoa New Zealand - so that when important choices are made, they are done so wisely.

In her early career Michelle was the software development lead for a manufacturing, wholesale and retail group, and worked predominately with start ups and innovative businesses on both strategy and execution.