The audio renaissance.

Spoken Word’s share of audio listening has increased by 40% over the past seven years and 8% this year, according to NPR/Edison’s The Spoken Word Audio Report for 2021. It is driven by large increases in young and multicultural audiences. Podcast listening hit an all-time high.

The share of time listening to spoken word audio on a mobile device has increased by 278% over the past seven years. Podcast listening is a major factor, the report found. The 2021 report "Where Are The Audiences?" by the New Zealand public media funder, NZ on Air, revealed subscription video on demand (SVOD) and podcasts are the only media to have grown their daily audiences in the past year. 

But not only are people listening more in new ways, we know through VoxPop they want to engage using speech. We know this because one of our foundation platforms, 1A VoxPop, has just passed its third anniversary and audience engagement is as strong as ever. 

When I dreamed up the idea for VoxPop in 2017, that was my first question. Would audiences engage via a speech-driven platform and would that community be sustainable? 

The likes of 1A VoxPop and SciFri VoxPop show audiences don’t just want to listen, they want to speak as well. They want to be part of the show. Even with just our single-purpose, minimum viable product, sustainable digital communities developed around these brands. 
So, our focus for the past year has been on improving the user experience and introducing more things to do in the apps, such as a content wire, listening to podcasts or live radio listening, to enhance the user experience and increase engagement times. You can see more how our clients have been using VoxPop platforms below.

The VoxPop platform made significant advances despite the ongoing pandemic and all the difficulties it presents. In one instance, it has proven a solution for broadcasting in a pandemic. 

If you'd like to know more, please do get in touch.

Peter Fowler
VoxPop co-founder

How VoxPop clients are using our platforms.

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