VoxPop expands U.S. operations with key appointments


Boston, Massachusetts — February 29, 2024

VoxPop, the voice-to-text platform that bridges the gap between listeners and broadcasters, is expanding its operations in the United States with the appointment of Gabe Bullard as Director of Editorial Strategy and Jon Peck as Director of U.S. Sales and Marketing.

VoxPop is an engagement platform developed by journalists and used by NPR’s 1A, WBUR’s On Point, Maine Public/Maine Calling, and shows around the world. It allows listeners to send high-quality audio of questions, comments, and interview responses to the shows they follow, and it gives producers the tools to put those comments into shows seamlessly. With these new appointments, VoxPop is prepared to work with more U.S.-based programs.

“Social media is becoming less reliable and more fragmented. Journalists are one algorithm change away from losing their audiences. We’re hoping to help radio shows and podcasts establish and hold onto a valuable connection with their listeners” says Bullard, who implemented VoxPop into the editorial workflow of NPR’s 1A.

The VoxPop Advantage

  • Crystal-Clear Audio: VoxPop optimizes audio recorded on users’ smartphones and produces high-quality recordings—no more crackling phone lines or glitchy video call audio.

  • Efficient Production: VoxPop transcribes listener submissions as soon as they’re filed; and presents the text to producers for easy review fast and accurately enough to rely on during live broadcasts.

  • Audience Connection: VoxPop connects a show with its listeners through a dedicated app, strengthening a direct relationship that transcends social media apps.

  • Accessibility: VoxPop encourages people to share their perspectives, regardless of background, language, or location, and without the need to register a social media account or compose a response.

  • Enhanced Editorial: By turning listeners into contributors, VoxPop adds new perspectives and voices to shows. 

“In an era dominated by screens and text, human voices are a potent force for connection,” Peck says. “The spoken word resonates. ”

About VoxPop

New Zealand-based Kinga Voxpop Ltd “VoxPop”, is at the forefront of audio innovation, working with syndicated NPR shows such as WAMU’s 1A and WBUR’s On Point. Its mission: to amplify voices, empower communities around trusted information sources, and redefine how we engage with speech and sound. With assistance from the Google News Initiative (GNI) VoxPop is helping small newspapers transition to digital subscription models. In NZ, it has built a prototype Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) with Community Access Media Alliance (CAMA) station Radio Hawke’s Bay, and in Maryland, USA, is helping Springsong Museum gather oral history about legendary U.S. author, Rachel Carson.     

About Gabe Bullard and Jon Peck

Gabe Bullard is an award-winning journalist with years of experience in audio production and public media. He has been a reporter, editor, strategist, and manager at Louisville Public Media, National Geographic, WAMU and NPR’s 1A, and WBUR and NPR’s Here & Now. Gabe was a Nieman Journalism Fellow in the 2015 class and holds an MA in Literature, Culture, and Technology. In his role at VoxPop, Gabe will advise newsrooms and shows on how to incorporate the app into their editorial workflow, how to structure prompts for listener responses, and how to more deeply engage with contributing listeners. 

Jonathan Peck, MBA, brings a wealth of experience in multimedia marketing strategies to his role as Director of US Sales and Marketing at VoxPop. With a track record at WBUR Boston, WAMU 88.5  (Washington DC) and PRX in launching and scaling major media properties, Jonathan specializes in enhancing audience engagement and driving revenue growth across diverse platforms. His expertise in data analysis, digital marketing, and brand building aligns with his passion for empowering broadcasters, creators, and communities to amplify human voices and foster meaningful conversations in order to make the world a better place for his kids.

For media inquiries, contact:

Gabe Bullard, Director of Editorial Strategy Email: gabe@voxpop.nz

Jon Peck, Director of US Sales and Marketing Email: jp@voxpop.nz


Note to Editors: High-resolution images and additional information available upon request.