Easily Create and Publish Your Own Podcasts, All In One App.

Whether you are a professional podcaster or just starting out, our platform provides a virtual studio for production quality recordings, which you can then publish back into the apps.  Or you can simply upload podcasts created off platform.

Here’s how to easily create a podcast using the Consult/VoxPop interface:

Easy Podcast

Things to think about:

The best way to clearly communicate what you want to say in a recording is to have a script or be very competent in your subject matter, or interview someone who is.

Easy Podcasts involve one continuous “live” recording where no edits are required.  This could be a monologue such as a speech, a two way interview or a group discussion to name a few.    

Put the mobile device on a book or tripod with the microphone facing the people or sounds you are recording.  The apps will automatically adjust sound levels and optimize the quality of recordings.

Making a recording and publishing it:

In the CMS (contact us for a free trial) create a Topic in the recording studio with the name of your podcast  - in this case it is “My Podcast” which you can listen to in the apps - and then select the topic in the apps to bring up the recording interface. 

1. Tap to start recording and tap again to stop recording.

You can replay the recording or send it or cancel. The recording is also stored in Recordings where you can send it later if on a bad connection. It can also be shared to other apps from here.

2. The recording is sent to your Content Management System (CMS) where the first 30 seconds is transcribed to text to about 96 percent accuracy.  From here you can edit the transcript or write an introductory blurb. Don’t forget to save the changes.

3. Click the book button on the apps to make it live.

4. Open the app or refresh and the podcast will be playable from the content wire, and subsequent podcasts will be listed chronologically in the “My Podcast” section of the app.

Tip: The best rooms for recording are those that contain a lot of soft furnishings, curtains, carpets and rugs. Background noise may be relevant but if not then have as little as possible.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like a free two week trial.  Other things you can do is conduct field interviews, surveys, seek customer feedback, collect and publish oral history to name just a few.

You can download the Consult app here:

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