New Speech-Text Q&A Platform Launches

Concept for voice-text Q&A platform comes to life.

Kinga VoxPop Ltd’s latest platform offers the opportunity to host unique voice-driven Q&A or Ask Me Anything (AMA) events. The Q&A’s can also be edited together later into a podcast.

Our unique Q&A platform allows guests and the audience to interact using speech.

It is a moderated environment, opening exciting new content options for media, corporates and special interest groups.

Q&A’s are popular with media outlets - whether with a Covid 19 expert, rock star or gardening expert - but are done in a text environment.  The Q&A is limited to how quickly and long the guest can type non-stop. 

Q&A VoxPop changes this. And it is so simple to use.         

Tap to Ask

Our iOS and Android apps enable your audience to ask a question in the simplest and most natural way - with speech. 

Tap to Reply

The guest, logged in as an admin,  then taps “Reply” to record and submit the answer. 

The Question and Answer (text and audio) are then published back into the apps together.

This can all be done from anywhere using our simple production-quality recording studio.The first 30 seconds of speech for questions and answers is transcribed to text to 96 percent accuracy.


Track Answers To Your Questions 

When your personal question is answered, it will appear in the “My Questions” tab, making answers to your questions easy to discover.                                                                                                                                                   

Create Quality Q&A Podcasts

Each Q&A can easily be edited together to create a podcast, which can be distributed in a number of places including back into the apps.

If you are a business that generates lots of questions from your customers, the Q&A platform is ideal.  For example, the gardening store that enables customers to seek remote advice, which again can be edited together into a podcast.

Special interest groups can host Q&As with their experts, whether it be on knitting or birds or a discussion about climate change.

For more information and to request a free trial, please contact: