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Bridging the Digital Divide

VoxPop bridges the divide between the terrestrial side of radio and the digital side and helps them grow and interact on-air and online.Science Friday for example uses VoxPop for different segments of the weekly radio show and podcasts and then packages it up for a digital audience on different platforms including the web site, You Tube, Soundcloud, Twitter and Facebook.Here's some examples:Christmas bird count:Audience members were invited to recommend a good science book for summer reading:htt...

July 6, 2020

Broadcasting during COVID-19

By Peter Fowler, VoxPop co-founder. When Radio New Zealand asked William Ray to make a daily podcast about Covid-19, one of the first questions was how to involve the audience safely with everyone in lockdown. Community station manager Phil Grey just wanted to keep his station on-air without asking his volunteer programme makers into a studio where they would be at risk. In late March New Zealand shut down everything except essential services to fight the Covid 19 virus, and everyone confined th...

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